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Mobile Spy: Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Mobile Spy: Contacts, Alerts, Calendar and Tasks Features

mobile spyUnfortunately, trust can be an issue when it comes to your kids or an employee. We do everything we can to ensure their happiness, but sometimes they take that for granted. That is where suspicious cell phone usage begins.

Children are growing up, sure they are going to make mistakes. However, some mistakes come with major consequences.

Employees can sometimes take advantage of being issued a company phone, and that is why it is important for employers to be able to monitor what the phone is being used for.

The solution- Mobile Spy. It is the most advanced technology in cell phone monitoring. It has many features that will benefit parents as well as employers.

Contact Monitoring

As parents, we have to know what our children are doing, and who they are associating with. Mobile Spy gives that advantage to parents. The Mobile Spy software allows the account holder to view all contacts that are saved on the mobile phone.

Employers can make sure employees are not contacting competitors, and uncovering company secrets. This feature really allows the account holder to take on the spy like characteristics, and get to the bottom of suspicious activity. Mobile Spy has your back when you’re not around.

Alert Feature

You can set limits on the user’s cell phone, and when those limits are crossed Mobile Spy will alert you. You will have the ability to set up special alerts through the software’s control panel.

Alert Feature

  • Profanity alert: when bad language is typed or viewed you will get an alert.
  • Geo-Fencing: Give boundaries on how far the phone can travel. An alert will sound when the user crosses those boundaries.
  • Contact alerts: Alerts when contact is made, by phone or text, with a person you have forbidden.
  • Intrusion alerts: If a wrong PIN or SMS command is entered you will receive an alert.
  • Custom alerts: You can customize an alert to go off for an activity that you do not allow.

Calendar Monitoring

Believe it or not, your children will make notes and mark events in their phone’s calendar. The Mobile Spy software allows you to view all events or notes made within the cell phone user’s calendar. This will help you know what plans your child has, and help you take the necessary steps to keep them out of harms way. It could even give you some reassurance that your kid isn’t so bad! There is a special feature on the BlackBerry version of Mobile Spy app, that allows you to view task saved on the phone.

Mobile Spy offers so many wonderful features that help employees and parents get the answers they need. While the software is designed to be sneaky and catch the individual in the act of doing something negative, it could also prove that the person being monitor isn’t up to anything. That in itself is so reassuring, to know your suspicions were wrong. Mobile Spy app is on your side through the good and the bad. Either way you get the comfort you were seeking using the most advanced monitoring systems available for mobile devices.

March 17, 2014 | | Spy App

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