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Hello and welcome to my blog!

Mark WilsonMy name is Mark Wilson and I am actively developing mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. I have been doing this since 2014, when I decided to give up my job as a software engineer for an American company and do what I really loved to – building mobile applications of any type. My vast experience allowed me to learn a wide array of aspects about my current occupation, enabling me to give the best of my ability each and every time.

I consider myself a very quick learner since there has been no app to stop me so far. If I come across something that is new to me, I take the necessary time to do proper research and gain a better understanding about that particular thing. This quality helped me evolve a lot over time, allowing me to become an experienced developer who can always take his skills to new heights.

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However, my passions do not revolve only around developing iOS and Android applications. I enjoy doing a wider array of activities that contribute to developing my skills. I like reading – some of my favorite books are “Crime and Punishment” by M. F. Dostoevsky, “Broca’s Brain” by Carl Sagan, “Cats’ Bridge” by Hermann Sudermann, “Mayerling” by Claude Annet and “The Legion of the Damned” by Sven Hassel.

Furthermore, I oftentimes enjoy reading simple books that have the capacity to calm me down, like Agatha Christie’s Poirot series, as I am addicted to detective books. My favorite ones are “And Then There Were None” (no Poirot here, though), “Murder on the Orient Express,” “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?,” “Death on the Nile” and “Lord Edgware dies,” just to name a few. I sometimes read even psychology books – “When Nietzsche Wept” by Irvin D. Yalom is a very good example.

Traveling is another passion of mine, and I truly enjoy visiting natural spots, like Macchu Picchu and Plitvice Lakes. Traveling enables me to feel more relaxed while working on mobile apps, and the best part is that I always manage to develop some superb ones while traveling. Moreover, I really like taking photos during my traveling experience, as I am able to immortalize amazing moments that are always fascinating.

I like music, especially if it is about old bands, such as A-Ha, Modern Talking and Alphaville. I do not really enjoy listening to R’n’B or hip hop music – not because I do not like the genre itself, but because all artists include offensive words. Other musicians I like are Sandra, CC Catch, Bonnie Tyler and Gowan.

Did I mention that I love watching movies? Even though I do not have too much time for that, I always appreciate a good movie, like “A Beautiful Mind,” “Emergency Call” and even “Terminator” series. However, whenever I watch a movie, my smartphone never misses – whether I chat with my friends, browse the Internet or enjoy other apps.

If you need more information about me, please feel free to contact me. Also, in case you need a professional and very knowledgeable app developer, then I am the person to contact. I will respond to all your queries as fast as possible.

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